BNI Jampak - Stimula Free - 500g
BNI Jampak - Stimula Free - 500g

BNI Jampak - Stimula Free - 500g

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This pre-workout is a perfect supplement to increase congestion, promote hypertrophy and the performance of your muscles. Devil's Jampak unifies glycerol, creatine, arginine and niacin in a unique formula that works with BNI's proprietary double-phase absorption technique.

Jampak promotes endurance with beta-alanine which increases the concentration of carnosine in the muscles, decreases fatigue and increases muscle work. The increase in carnosine allows you to reduce lactic acid secretion by 20% by rebalancing muscle pH. Through this biochemical buffering, beta-alanine shifts the onset of exhaustion while greatly optimizing your physical power and resistance. Muscle contractions become more intense and longer. Expected results: power and growth of muscle fibers, strength, muscle congestion and volume.

Size: 500 g, without stimulant